Thanks to feedback from you and many others during our soft launch, we’re proud to say it: Platform 2.0 is finally here! We’ve already heard a lot of great reactions from our customers about the many features and updates in Platform 2.0, but we wanted to introduce you to just a few of the new features:

A Cleaner, Faster UI

Probably the first thing you’ll notice, our new look and feel is redesigned for speed and flexibility. We’ve rebuilt every chart in the platform to be more interactive and intuitive. We’ve made the entire platform mobile compliant, too – it works great on the go from a tablet! Plus, with our new infrastructure on IBM Softlayer (read more about that on GigaOM), you’ll notice the platform is noticably faster. By the way, keep an eye on that home screen – you’ll see your latest brand mentions scrolling by, in real time!

Instagram and In-line Images

We’ve unleashed the power of visual social networks in Platform 2.0. Not only do we now offer Instagram as a data feed for your keywords, we went ahead and added them to your campaign history (currently available back to July 1, 2014). Our Content Browser now shows these and any other images in-line with their posts, with a beautiful lightbox effect to show the full photo when you click on the thumbnail.

Mention Types to Measure Virality

We’ve added a new post-collection filter on both our Content Browser and Analyzer tools: Mention Type. This gives you the ability to drill down specifically into re-Tweets, replies, mentions or original content. This field is even channel-agnostic, so “Share” can give you both re-Tweets and shared Facebook posts in the same view. It’s a powerful way to understand content’s virality in terms of original or re-syndicated posts.

Powerful Keyword Search With Groups

Now you can build even larger and more detailed social data sets by combining Keywords into Groups using your Campaign Manager. These groups act just like Keywords themselves and can be analyzed anywhere in the platform. In fact, throughout the platform you’ll now find we give you options to render your current view in terms of Keywords or Groups. This works great for combining product lines, business units, or extensive brand terms into a single, measurable whole.

Reports: Remixed and Redesigned

We’ve completely redesigned our weekly and on-demand reports as well to make them cleaner, simpler, and more aligned with the pulse of your business. You can view an example report here – we think they’ll be a big part of your first email to your team on Monday mornings from now on.

There are many, many more features and updates in Platform 2.0 we’re excited about. Keep an eye on our Knowledge Base for updated documentation on all of our tools, new and old. And of course, don’t hesitate to comment here or drop us a line if you have any questions. Welcome to Platform 2.0! We hope you love it!

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