Just a few years ago, gauging shifts in brand loyalty used to be a difficult and time consuming exercise. Thanks to the digital age, things have changed. Data-driven social insights have made it easy for brands to see the shifts towards brand loyalty. Take the example of Jet Blue. The airline announced earlier this week that there will bag fees and reduced legroom. That led to a barrage of customer reactions, ranging from disbelief to disappointment.

We listened for and analyzed thousands of reactions that were directed towards Jet Blue brand and loyalty. There were hundreds of posts that explicitly mentioned loyalty in a negative way. Below is just one snapshot of such posts, taken from MutualMind Command Center. JetBlue had created a brand that used to be customer oriented. They had also used social to their advantage. With this change, they have upset the very same customer segment. The data speaks for itself.

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jetblue-loyalty- negative

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