I think one of the best hallmarks of a great product is when you don’t know how it’s going to be used. Sure, you know some of the basic uses your customers are going to love, but what’s really exciting is a product that’s so powerful and different that it’s going to enable others to do things you haven’t even thought of yet.

That’s how I feel about Adaptive Listening.

We created Adaptive Listening because when we listened to our customers, many of them had these informal rules they followed to get the day-to-day of social listening done. We would hear the teams we work with say things to each other like:

“Hey, if you see anyone tweet about us with a Klout score above 70, just send it to me in an email.”

“Here’s a list of organizations who post about us all the time and it’s always negative – if you see this just mark whatever they say as neutral.”

“Ok, I just got off the phone with this person and finally got his system fixed – if you see a post from him again about us would you just let me know?”

These rules are the hidden glue of Social Business, and they’re usually handled manually by people watching brand streams day after day. They change often, and they can be incredibly hard to faithfully replicate across thousands – even millions – of social posts. Moreover, when it comes to a high-volume event like the Super Bowl or the Oscars, these rules can mean the difference between a lauded social campaign or a lambasted brand.

We realized that these rules were being handled by the wrong agents – people. Your people in your Social Business need to focus not on a set of rules, but on the actual human aspects of social media, by engaging with your fans and followers. Computers, however, are great at following rules, and will do so faithfully every single time.

So we created the ultimate social rules engine. The first and only platform to let anyone on any team set up simple, powerful, and scalable rules to run a Social Business. This isn’t just a force multiplyer – it’s a game changer.

We hope you’re interested in learning more and want to use Adaptive Listening in your business. Give us a shout at info@mutualmind.com to start Listening Smarter.

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