MutualMind is a social intelligence platform that provides real-time social analytics and full-fidelity visualizations collected, parsed, analyzed, displayed, and reported on from all major social channels, millions of blogs, news forums and review sites. We are an IBM business partner and because our platform runs entirely on the IBM Cloud, we are an IBM customer.

MutualMind is also an IBM approved vendor providing IBM-branded Engagement Centers for large, global conferences and analytics reporting and engagement for marketing automation and demand generation. For example, this year at SxSW, our co-branded IBM Engagement Center was the official social listening engine for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show broadcast from the Long Performing Arts Center in Austin, Texas.

JKL Austin @SxSW

Lastly, as an IBM Watson go-to-market partner, we are accessing the Watson Personality Insights API via IBM’s latest developer portal, IBM Bluemix. Bluemix enables us to integrate these new Watson services along with our own proprietary sentiment analytics and a new rules engine we developed for IBM called Adaptive Listening. The combination of all three delivers a smarter social listening platform for deeper insights with more automation and actionable social engagement than the traditional passive listening, sentiment analytics and reports.

miami dolphins screen shot

We view IBM as a marketplace. In addition to working directly with IBM as a vendor, customer and partner, MutualMind also works with many of IBM’s top Resellers in the world. Today we announced a partnership with Flagship Solutions Group, an IBM Beacon award-winner who is integrating Engagement Centers, along with multiple IBM offerings, for use in large, public stadiums by professional sports teams and other event production companies.

This is a great example of how IBM Cloud technology and our developer ecosystems are fostering innovation resulting in a solution between two IBM Business Partners, Flagship Solutions Group and MutualMind, that will allow for new revenue streams. IBM is creating marketplace collaboration to attract new sports fans and expand social analytics to help gain actionable insights.”
Sandy Carter, General Manager, Ecosystem Development and Social Business Evangelist, IBM.

This is just the beginning. We continue to disrupt the social analytics and visualization space. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.

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