Automation used to be the domain of experts who could write scripts or snippets of code in special languages. Not any more. With our Adaptive listening engine YOU have the power to filter, segment and act on the data — all using English language rules that get triggered off of data elements. This is IFTTT (If This Then That) for social data, at scale.

Here are five things that you can do with Aaptive Listening:

  1. Create any number of powerful, Boolean matched expression with practically no limits on the number of terms – then use these expressions for laser-like narrowing of posts of interest from the vast sea of social data
  2. Segment data automatically for business use cases marketing, custome service, operations, corp communicatin and product teams.
  3. Create rules to match text in Twitter profiles and create ‘machine learned’ lists for those profiles
  4. Discover and detect brand advocates or detractors using metadata such as location, language, sentiment, influencer score in combination with keyword matching
  5. Bring in your own curated list of customers or prospects to listen what they are saying about your brand, competitors and industry

These are just a few examples of automated actions that can make your life easy and let you leverage the real potential of social listening.


Its time to make your data work harder. To learn more and try out Adaptive Listening, contact us.

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