If you have ever managed social listening data you know what it feels like: you are struggling to categorize, manage, prioritize, route and take actions on that data. Its laborious, error-prone and not scalable. Offloading this work to an agency or a third party moderation service adds another layer for the brand with no clear benefit. Clearly, a new approach is needed.


The ideal solution should be flexible, repeatable, scalable and simple to use. Enter Adaptive Listening. It uses the popular IFTTT-style rules that uses social data and analytics as triggers and allows you to automate actions on social posts and trends in real-time.


Here’s an overview of Adaptive Listening. Simple enough for any one to use. Powerful to save you and your team hours of manual work every week. Smart enough to empower YOU to pick up signal from the noise.


Thre’s a lot more to Adaptive Listening than we can fit in one blog post. Get in touch with us to learn more and see Adaptive Listening in action with your data. Warning: once you taste the power of automation you can never go back to manual work!

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