As of April 30, 2015, Facebook has cut off access to the Graph API v1.0 and forced all apps to switch to 2.0. This new version does not have a public search capability like the current API, and this migration will cut off all access to Facebook public posts. This change will affect any and all apps that use the Graph API, which includes MutualMind, as well as all other social listening/intelligence platforms providing data on Facebook public posts.

As of this time, Facebook has not offered any equivalent replacement to their public posts search capability, paid or free. They have recently announced an offering with DataSift (called “PYLON for Facebook”), but this product does not currently offer individual posts for a given search, only a limited view of Facebook post statistics, and not the actual text created by users.

Our team at MutualMind is constantly reviewing the social data marketplace to find the absolute best enterprise data providers to power our platform. We are currently researching the DataSift offering, but do not currently have an implementation plan or timeline. We will be updating our users as that changes, and as we roll out new data sources and offerings for other social networks.

As always, you can add any Facebook pages (ones you manage, or any others) to your MutualMind campaign to track the posts and engagement from those pages. We will be rolling out features to expand this capability, and will share those as soon as they are released.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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