At MutualMind we’re constantly talking with our customers, trying to better understand what they need and what could make their lives easier. It’s these conversations that always lead to our best product ideas and features, and today’s release is no different! One of the things we constantly ask is “how can we help you spend less time in MutualMind?”. This seems like a counter-intuitive question, but we believe our customers get their best work done when they spend less time configuring tools, and more time connecting with their stakeholders to tell them what they’ve learned from this data.

We noticed a lot of our customers were coming back to the same report settings over and over again, which makes a lot of sense: you want to compare specific topics or brands against the same set of criteria to understand the differences. However, setting those recurring reports hasn’t been a smooth process, as you had to basically recreate that configuration of settings and filters every time you got back into MutualMind. Today we’re happy to say those problems are all gone, thanks to Saved Searches!

This feature is immediately available to all of our users as of today. For any search within the Content Browser or Analyzer, you’ll now see two buttons next to the filters: “Go” and “Save.” The latter will save that configuration of filters and settings (including any free-form search strings you may have used) to your Saved Searches page. As you see above, you can get to your Saved Searches using the shortcut link on the right side of your page, or by going to Insights >> Saved Searches in the menu. All Saved Searches are unique to your account for the campaign you’re using, and you can have an unlimited number of saves in each campaign. We’ve even included a couple of Built-In Saved Searches just to give you something to start with.

To launch a Saved Search, first set the date range you want to view using the calendar options at the top of the page. Saved Searches aren’t locked to the dates you were viewing when you saved, so you can apply those settings to any time period. Then, hover over the saved search you want to launch, and you’ll see icons to click for launching this search in Content Browser or Analyzer – these will open in new tabs. I’ve been using this feature in our Beta for a while, and I’ve found it’s really easy to use this feature to “stack up” a set of reporting tabs quickly for a date range, so I can then go through each one for analysis.

We hope you enjoy the new feature, and if you have an idea for any others, feel free to drop us a line!

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