We often get asked about how to get the most out of social listening. At MutualMind, we’ve helped hundreds of customers with their business problems using social insights. In this post we share our framework for producing best results. There are five iterative steps – you apply feedback fom the data and results to improve future results.

  1. Define the business problem and vision for the solution. Perform situation analysis to assess current state.
  2. High level architecture for capturing and analyzing data and for extracting insights
  3. Develop and set up the analytics model: listening setup, metrics, reports, visualizations, adaptive listening and integrations
  4. Test the model by starting data capture/analysis, review the model and verify against assumptions and optimize model as needed
  5. Collect data, review review the results. Optimize the model setup if needed. Create displays, reports and insights.

This slide captures the concept.


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