We are excited to announce a series of powerful enhancements to location analytics. The key areas of improvement include backend, insights and interactive analysis.

1. On the bakcend, we have enhanced location extraction for Instagram, Flickr and Google Plus.
2. We now show the top locations on Insights Overview.
3. On the Location Trends views, you can see all locations or country level rolledup stats by making a selection from the resolution dropdown at the top.
4. When browsing or interactively analyzing data, there’s an option (has location checkbox) to filter posts with a known location.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.31.18 PM

What does this mean for you? More data with location, better insights about which locations matter and the ability to filter results with location data from the rest. For organizations whith a global footprint it is essential to know where the social buzz is coming from. These enhancements make it easy to understand and discover the source of buzz and engagement.

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