What is a WebHook?
As applications on the web have become more and more event-driven, WebHooks offer a method for triggering event reactions in external applications via a lightweight API.

How do they work in Adaptive Listening?
At MutualMind, we’ve incorporated WebHooks as a native feature of our very powerful and intelligent Adaptive Listening Engine (ALE). Aside from the broad suite of actions that can be triggered by our social data automation system, you can also define an outgoing WebHook that will push the payload of a post to a web-enabled endpoint of your choosing.

What can I do with Adaptive Listening WebHooks?
Using WebHooks combined with the rich automation provided by Adaptive Listening opens up a lot of possibilities for an innumerable set of business use cases. Suffice it to say that with WebHooks, you can drive highly targeted social signals into your business applications in an automated and scalable fashion.

Here’s a slide that illustrates how WebHooks fit in the big picture of social intelligence.


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