When we show a demo of Adaptive Listening, light bulbs go off in people’s minds. Social media analysts, managers and specialists love how they can harness power of big data in real-time to automate laborious tasks. But with so many metrics and powerful options, what’s a good place to start?

We created this simple list of questions that might help you on the road of social automation.

  1. Will you need Boolean expressions to match certain words or phrases in a post or profile description? → If so, create Matched Expressions. Example of an expression for ‘Family’ could be: mom OR dad OR husband OR wife
  2. Will you need to match incoming data against a predefined set of users? → create Match List of Twitter handles (or import a csv list). Example could be a list of customers from a loyalty program.
  3. Do you want to match incoming data against a defined set of locations? → create Location Match list. Example could be a list of retail store locations.
  4. Do you want matched data to be sent to another application? → create and customize a webhook to receive data every time a rule is matched (see this post for more details)

Here is a handy summary for you to download and share. Contact us to see a demo on your brand’s data!


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