Meetings, calls, emails, travel … with so many competing demands on your time, it can be difficult to keep tabs on social dashboards. After all, it is one more account to login, one more site to navigate and one more stream of data to make sense of. Don’t you wish that there was a quick and simple alternative to get this info when you are short on time?

To help you out, we have introduced a new “Daily Campaign Summary” report that is sent to your inbox at a specific time every day. It is a one-page report that provides the most important results for your social listening campaign, including discovered topics, tags and popular content (see a sample report below).

Sample Daily Report

So what do you need to receive these reports? Just enable them for your Account (top right of any page).


Then go to Manage Notifications and check the box next to ‘Daily Campaign Summary’ as shown below. Optionally, you may select the hour at which the report email is sent. Default time is 5pm local time.


We think that once you start getting these concise reports in your inbox, you will wonder how you managed to get things done without them. We’d love to hear from you, tell us how the daily reports helped you.

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