As you may have seen in the recent announcement, MutualMind has been acquired by Research and Insights company, Shapiro Raj. From our early years the MutualMind brand has been known for agility and innovation. As part of Shapiro Raj, we will significantly boost our innovation efforts.

This is great news for our customers as they benefit from the synergies of our products and services. We are excited about the opportunities to solve tough problems using our technology platform combined with decades of research and insights experience. As the announcement mentioned, we are working hard on new strategy and to integrate our offerings into more unique and powerful products and solutions.

We thank all of our customers for their trust, support and loyalty. In case you are wondering how this will impact existing customers, all of our operations continue as before and with no action on your part. For any questions, our whole team is here to serve you and delight you.

Stay tuned as we will be reaching out to you with announcements and updates over the next few months.

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