Analytics, Visualization, Engagement

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Real-time monitoring of social sites across the globe in 53 languages


Advanced search, filters and segmentation options for pre-data and post-data collection analysis


Social channel monitoring as well as keywords to track brand or competitive Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram, Tumblr, RSS feeds and more

Command Center

Social Data, Supersized

A Different Kind of Hub

Take smarter listening and supersize it with Command Center. With a growing catalog of widgets and currently offering 16 different visualizations

Easy Set-Up

Intuitive drag-and-drop canvas builder to design, layout and edit settings. Command Center is HTML5 based and compliant with iOS, Android and other mobile browsers

Fully Customizable

The MutualMind Command Center can be completely white labeled as well with different colors, fonts or layout for any branding

Adaptive Listening

A Better Way to Listen

Why has Social Business been all about staring at screens?

We created Adaptive Listening because we saw that a lot of our customers had created simple decision rules to handle the day to day of social business, so they could jump on opportunities or crises as they arose. With Adaptive Listening, we let you automate those rules so your team can focus on the human side of Social Business, and actually engage with other people!


Your Social Media Shortcut

New for 2015, our Adaptive Listening Engine provides powerful functionality for automating the routine tasks of community management and social analysis, letting you and your team focus on valuable engagement. Using a simple, English-based interface, business users can create powerful rules that tap into social content, metadata, and custom lists of audience. You can also use rules to automatically create lists of social profiles for next best actions such as engagement, campaign promotions or social ad targeting.

The Informal Rules of Social Business

“If someone with a lot of followers or a large Klout score tweets at us, make sure you send me an email.”

“If that blog ever says anything negative about us make sure you route it to me, because they’re on our paid influencer program.”

“Just don’t count anything our employees say as positive sentiment – they’re going to post good things about us anyway.”

“We have an event coming up and we need to tag every post made by our partners on this list using the event hashtag.”

“If someone says they’re in the market for this kind of product, go ahead and create a lead for it in Salesforce.”

Direct Connection Between Conversation and Action

Adaptive Listening lets business users automate actions, such as tagging content or sharing data with external systems, based on “recipes” of social data, profiles and trends. Adaptive listening is based on combination of social data points.


We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting

Social requires a lot of segmentation. Adaptive listening lists automate the laborious and error-prone manual task of segmenting social profiles based on data and business rules. This solves the problem of how to identify/segment customers talking about a certain topic.

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